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Payment methods

  • With debit or credit card for shopping through e-shop.

For the implementation of the payment you will be transferred to the safe environment of Eurobank. Perfectmoments does not save or have access to your card details, so for every new purchase you make, you must re-declare your credit details (name, card number, date of its expiration, CCV)

Non-supported cards: American Express & Dinners.

- From perfectmoments’s site (direct payment) with debit or credit or prepaid card.

By clicking (here), you fill in the relevant form and in the reason for payment you put your last name and in the field "cost" you fill in the cost that the representative of perfectmoments has informed you.

Then you will get transferred to the safe environment of Eurobank, where you will give your credit details.

With this method you can put up to 3 installments for purchases over 150 euro.

  • By depositing in one of the following accounts

National : GR5501101470000014740345039 (Dimitraki Theano) ETHNGRAA

ALPHA: GR6301409930993002101070018 (Dimitraki Theano) CRBAGRAA

Eurobank: GR8502602070000670201531850 (Dimitraki Theano) EFGBGRAA

Pireaus : GR3601720820005082100703739 (Dimitraki Theano) PIRBGRAA

*In case of transfer to a bank account, please attach the receipt to us.

  • In our store ( POS is available).

  • With payment on delivery by courier (Geniki Taxydromiki & Hellenic Post) with the additional charge of 2,5€.

*Payment on delivery is not available for personalised items which are made to request.

For receipts from our place:
Monday to Friday
10:00 – 17:00

Phone Orders:
Monday - Friday
10:00 – 17:00
10:00 – 14:00

e-shop Orders:

Our space is available for only receiving orders
No sampling is done in our premises.







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