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Cookies are small files (text files), which are sent and stored on the user's computer, allowing websites to function smoothly and without technical anomalies, to collect multiple user options, to recognize frequent users, to facilitate their access in it, and for the collection of data to improve the content of the website. Cookies do not cause damage to users' computers or to the files stored on them. We use cookies to provide you with information. You must keep in mind that cookies are absolutely necessary in order for the website to function properly and seamlessly.


Cookies can be either permanent or pertain to a single session. Permanent cookies are stored by the browser and remain active either until their expiration date or until the user deletes them. Those that pertain to a single session expire with the termination of the connection, as soon as the browser is deactivated (closed).


We use cookies for the following purposes:

1) Mandatory Cookies:

To enable you to log in, ensure website security and provide shopping cart functionality. Without this type of technology, our services will not function properly or be able to provide certain features and functions.


2) Functional Cookies

We use these cookies to measure the usage behavior of visitors to our website with the ultimate aim of optimizing it. By using web analytics provided by Google Analytics we can analyze the pages visited by users as well as other statistics (e.g. time spent on the page, website from which they came, number pages per visit etc.) and through them we can provide optimized content on the website (based on user interests). We also use the aforementioned statistics to record user preferences and define our advertising strategy based on them.


3) Personalization:

To remember the choices you've made – like the region.


4) Social media cookies:

Cookies are used by social media services to enable you to share our content with your friends and networks. These cookies can track your browser on other websites and create a profile of your interests, which can influence the content and messages you see on other websites you visit.


How can I manage or stop the use of cookies?

Many users find the idea of using data intrusive on their personal data, especially when the data is being used by third parties. For example, you may object to the use of your data (derived from your browsing history on a website) to carry out an advertising campaign. If you want to prevent the use of cookies during your browsing, you can do so by following the following steps, knowing that this will affect the functionality of the website.


You can delete the cookies that have been created from your hard drive.

You can also change the preferences/settings in the web browser you use. In some cases you can accept cookies from certain sites and block the creation of third-party cookies. In others you can block cookies from specific advertisers. You should be aware that deleting or blocking cookies may reduce the functionality of the site you are browsing. For more information regarding cookies you can visit or go to the help menu in the browser used. If there is a problem in deleting or blocking cookies from the browser being used, contact the browser provider.


In the following links you can find information on how you can prevent the use or delete cookies from your browser.

Firefox 2.0+ / 3.0+ / 4.0+/8.0+
Internet Explorer (IE) 9.0+
Internet Explorer (IE) 11.0+
Google Chrome


Delete Performance Analysis Cookies:

If you wish to delete such cookies, please click here [Google Analytics:]

If the use of cookies is suspended, the user will not be able to use all the features of the website or connected applications.

Deleting cookies will have a negative impact on the use of many websites or connected applications. Disabling the use of all cookies will have a negative impact on the use of many websites.

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